Getting appointments with Doctors in Bangladesh is mainly based on physical visiting or by a phone call with the receptionist of the hospital. But was not a practicing phenomenon to book and get an appointment for online visiting in Bangladesh. We, MEDICSBD have initiated the opportunity of doctor appointments online in Bangladesh. We bring a complete online web-based (also have an app) telemedicine service in Bangladesh. We have visitors from various parts of the world as well.

Our motto is to provide medical advice and services through an online video calling with doctors. Though the system is very clear and open, some people make confusion regarding the procedure of online telemedicine service. They make confusion regarding the appointment, video calling, payment, and prescription. I found most of the confusion is due to lack of tech knowledge, the bad experience of other online services of the country, first-ever trying to get an appointment, low internet bandwidth, and not seeing the explanatory videos before trying to book. So, I will clarify all these steps to you.

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Telemedicine service from Bangladesh

How to get an appointment for video calling:

It’s very straight forward. Go to OUR DOCTORS  and choose the physician from our list of Doctors. Here, I want to note that all our doctors are highly qualified and registered with BMDC. They are very skilled and very keen to help you with video calling. You can see the fees of the doctor at their profile “FEES”. After you’ve chosen a doctor, please click “Get appointment”. It will lead you to a new page, which will ask you to get registered and login. After you have logged in, you will enter into your dashboard. Here you will see the “appointment” menu, click it. There will be 2 sub-menus, click “add appointment”. An appointment form will open, simply fill the form and save it. Thus you have booked an appointment.

How to make payment:

Online payment in MEDICSBD is very clean-cut, easy, and secured. After you have booked an appointment, go to the “appointment list”. The first one on the list is the current appointment. Open the appointment details by clicking the “eye sign”. Now you can see a “MAKE PAYMENT” button there, click it and you will find the payment options. You can pay by the popular “mobile banking systems’, i.e. – BKASH, ROCKET, SHURECASH, etc, and CARDS available online from Bangladesh. Make payment and verify it.

Video calling:

We are using HD interactive video conferencing software that is very user-friendly. You can use it from Desktop (having a webcam), Laptop of a smartphone. We also have an app that is available for android phones

After you’ve made the payment, you will receive an SMS with a “link or conference name”. You can put this link or conference name in the browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari) to connect the Doctor or can put it in the android app and “join” the chat. You can also join the doctor from your dashboard by clicking the “start video chat” button. After you entered the video, wait till the Doctor (Host) enters the chat. As the Doctor enters the chat begins. Tell your symptoms and answer the queries of the Doctor. He may ask for your previous prescriptions and investigations that’s why keep them at your hand (you can also upload them in the system). He may ask to show your hands, face, and eyes and may ask to perform some activities, so keep a helping hand beside you.

How to get a prescription:

After the video calling with the doctor, your doctor will generate the prescription from the software. So, after 10-15 minutes you can go to the “prescription list” from your dashboard. It will show your all prescriptions. The first one is the current one. You can see and download it.

Doctor appointment online in Bangladesh is now very easier using MEDICSBD online telehealth service. By using MEDICSBD online telemedicine service you can save your time, traveling, and the long queue in front of the doctor’s chamber. Our online appointments are time-schedule-based. So, you do not have to wait for an uncertain chamber-based disappointed waiting. Yes, the schedule may be re-scheduled according to the needs of the doctor and patient. And, lastly, attending from your home is not painful and bothering.

So, getting an online appointment with Bangladeshi doctors is awesome and easiest that you think. MEDICSBD always think about your ease and comfort.


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