Our view

Why do we need a research?
We need research for a number of different reasons:

Research help us to know many things. It is the corner stone of gathering knowledge. In medicine, it helps to –

  1. Develop new treatments and tests
  2. Provide better health care
  3. Find out the cause of disease

Why medical professionals of BD requires research?

  1. Due to multiple factors we are not competent researchers.
  2. There are very few researchers and few researches by BD physicians.

Goal of our team:

To produce a research-conscious generation

Our frame work (Proposed):

  • A research team in each medical college/hospital
  • Statistical support
  • A central research group
  • A central ethical committee

What we want to do?

  • Helping UG/PG students by providing study materials for distribution of research knowledge
  • Arranging seminar/CME/Discussions at each center/branch
  • Carrying out national-wide data collection and research work by collective effort of all branches with collaboration of donors
  • Case reporting and dissemination of knowledge of all new diseases
  • Publication of a national/international journal (proposed).

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